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In case of a fall?

The outer shell is highly resistant. In the event of an impact, it's the inner shell which, by collapsing in on itself, absorbs the impact energy and protects the head.

On the other hand, once a shock has been sustained, the inner shell does not return to its original shape, which is why it is extremely important to have your helmet checked after every fall. We find that it's not uncommon for riders to continue riding with a damaged helmet after a fall, even though there's a consequent risk that the helmet is no longer safe.

In response to this problem, Samshield is the only brand in the world to offer an after-sales service capable of replacing the inner shell with a new one, while retaining the same outer shell. This means you can guarantee your safety without having to reinvest in a new helmet.

This service is available within 5 years of purchase. A Samshield helmet is therefore a safe, long-term investment.


The inner shell

of all our helmets is made of variable-density polystyrene for better energy dissipation on impact. Polycarbonate reinforcement covers the edges of the inner shell for extra protection.

For SHADOWMATT/ MISS SHADOW MATT and PREMIUM models, the outer shell is made of premium-quality materials such as the polycarbonate used for elite motorcycle helmets.

For XJ/ XJ MISS and XC models, the outer shell is made of pure carbon fiber, a composite material offering an unbeatable strength-to-weight ratio.

About the visor:

The polycarbonate visor is designed to be flexible enough to protect the back of the neck in the event of an impact.

Helmet standards

Helmet standards

Samshield surpasses required safety standards

Certification standards guarantee the conformity and quality of helmets.

They allow them to be approved, which is essential for riding at the highest level, by subjecting helmets to a series of tests and checks:

- Impact on the front, back and sides of the helmet;

- Stability on the head in the event of a fall;

- Lateral crushing;

- Resistance of the retention system.

These standards are very strict and regularly evolve to meet more stringent requirements in order to ensure better protection for riders.

This year, the standard has evolved to include new technical constraints.

  • Models SHADOWMATT/ MISS SHADOW MATT and PREMIUM models are CE EN1384:2017 and ASTM/SEI certified.
  • The SHADOWMATT 2.0/ MISS SHADOW MATT 2.0 and PREMIUM 2.0 models are EN1384:2017 and ASTM 2023 certified.
  • XJ/ XJ MISS and XC models are ASTM/ SEI, EN/CE and PAS015 certified.

EN/ CE standards are updated every 4-5 years.


The tests

The tests

Samshield works with CRITT (a certified French laboratory reputed to be the most demanding in the world) to ensure that all production complies with these standards and meets these requirements as closely as possible, anticipating them right from the product design stage. Test results are very positive, and well above standard scores.

- The impact test involves the rider falling on his or her head and measures the product's ability to absorb a net impact. The requirements of this new standard are very similar to those for motorbike helmets.

  • Absorption capacity at 5.95m/sec not exceeding 250g acceleration.
  • The inner liner (foam) provides additional protection by absorbing the remaining energy during impact.

- The lateral deformation test simulates the crushing of the helmet by the horse during a fall. It measures the helmet's ability to resist deformation. This test is a major development. It did not exist in previous approvals. The requirements of the new standard for lateral deformation are identical to those for motorbike helmets.

  • Force resistance up to 630.00 NEWTON

- The penetration test measures the helmet's resistance to blunt objects that could penetrate the air intake zones.

  • Withstands a spike weighing 3kg thrown at high speed
  • The point never comes into contact with the skull

The test results are very positive and well above standard scores.

Samshield is proud to offer products that exceed the highest safety standards.

Finnish declaration of conformity

Other key points:

- Maximum comfort thanks to internal memory foam.

- Multiple size options to adapt to every head shape and guarantee perfect stability. From 52 to 64 cm.

- Superior ventilation and optimized air flow to reduce perspiration considerably.

- High-tech materials combine lightness and safety.

Safety: new helmet standards